Translated, recorded, reported: recent work

16 Jun

I’m in a constant state of “ok, so this freelancing seems to be going OK, but surely at some point it’s going to go quiet….” at the moment, but it’s been full-throttle the last few weeks. Here’s some recent links to some aspects of that work:

– I’m helping UnLtd with their Product Review, which is both inward-facing (can UnLtd add to, amend, improve its services?) and also externally-facing (what do social entrepreneurs need that isn’t currently being provided?). Here’s a write-up of an event that started to answer those questions on the Guardian Social Enterprise Network: Support for social entrepreneurs needs fresh ideas

– I worked with School for Social Entrepreneurs to edit and publish their new impact evaluation report by New Philanthropy Capital (a bit of work I’d commissioned / overseen while I was at SSE); you can check out the exec summary + full report via the SSE website. I’d particularly recommend checking out the additional case studies document, which I think is excellent

– POPse! the pop-up social enterprise think-tank I was a part of has ‘gone dark’, but we are working away on doing an overall publication of some sort; in the meantime, the 100 social enterprise truths I wrote as part of POPse! week continue to gradually make their way round the UK + overseas, featuring most recently in the Society Guardian daily, on the CSI Toronto blog (am a huge fan of what they do) and being translated into French by Simon at Hub Lausanne

– I helped out with the early stages of this introductory guide Social Enterprise Explained (pdf) from the Social Enterprise Coalition, which I think is a really good starting point for anyone.

– Last but by no means least, I was interviewed by the marvellous Nicola Jones at the Social Investment Business as part of their “An Interview With…” podcast series. Here it is:


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