Social enterprise and entrepreneurship links from September

21 Oct

[NB – this first appeared over on Social Enterprise UK’s blogs, but thought I’d re-post for anyone who missed it]

It’s that time of the month where I say “WHAT?! It’s OCTOBER already?!” and panic about the work that lies ahead. And then procrastinate from that work by putting together a blog post of the most interesting articles and pieces related to social enterprise that I’ve read in the past month…So here goes:

– Starting with social investment, the Big Lottery Fund’s research (by ClearlySo, NPC and others) on Investment Readiness in the UK is absolutely worth a read; and you can follow it up with Boston Consulting Group’s ‘The First Billion’ (pdf) which looks at the potential for the social investment in the years ahead (and how to get there); and then you can read the Cabinet Office’s useful round-up of all its various initiatives in the space too

– We’re fighting oligopolies and monopolies in the private and public sectors, and here’s another way to do so: buy Co-opoly the board game (I know, it might as well have “with all the fun taken out” on it, but there you go….)

– Rosabeth Moss Kanter is always an interesting thinker in this space, and she’s written a thought-provoking piece on Six Extras that Build Power and Leadership in Harvard Business Review; learn about ‘colleagueship’ and the importance of framing….

– From the people who brought you ‘nudge’ and ‘impact investing’ comes: How behavioral economics can catalyse more capital in impact investing [NB – this is significantly more interesting than it might first appear]; hat tip Paul Cheng

– Some use LinkedIn as an address book, others to advance their careers…but what about to build a better board for your organisation? Read about Using a Networked Approach to Building NonProfit Boards with LinkedIn’s new Board Connect tool

– I’m not sure we should have to be making the case for enterprise to unleash skills, attributes and potential in young people still, but maybe we do; here’s the RSA’s report on the Enterprise Generation (pdf) which does exactly that, and gave me some hope (of which there’s too little around)

– If enterprise isn’t the answer, maybe innovation is. NESTA certainly think so (I guess they have to), and put it front and centre in their Plan I report for how Britain can rise up from its current economic state…..

– Supply chains and procurement for social enterprise is a hot topic of late, and rightly so. Good article here from some of the OnPurpose crew on walking the walk (disclaimer: is peppered with some quotes from me)

– Did you know the Office of National Statistics have a guide to measuring social capital? No, me neither.

– What does the Social Value Act mean for councils? Decent-ish discussion on the topic on the Guardian Local Government network; see also our upcoming Social Value Conference for the most up-to-date and practical advice / info

– Eight Crowdfunding Sites for Social Entrepreneurs does what it says on the tin (although it is only US ones…UK ones have added themselves in the comments)

– These Demotivation Posters are magnificent (hat tip to Ben Metz), beautifully capturing how I feel about those constantly tweeted quotes on Twitter and elsewhere: “Motivational Posters Don’t Work…But Our Demotivator Posters Don’t Work EVEN BETTER!” My personal favourite is the one at the start of the post….

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